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GreenX Metals Limited and the entities it controls believe corporate governance is a critical pillar on which business objectives and, in turn, shareholder value must be built.

The Board has adopted a suite of charters and key corporate governance documents which articulate the policies and procedures followed by GreenX Metals.

These documents are available below and are reviewed at least annually to address any changes in governance practices and the law.

This Corporate Governance Statement explains how GreenX Metals complies with the ASX Corporate Governance Council’s ‘Corporate Governance Principles and Recommendations – 4th Edition’, which were published in February 2019.

In addition to the ASX Corporate Governance Council’s ‘Corporate Governance Principles and Recommendations – 3rd Edition’ the Board has taken into account a number of important factors in determining its corporate governance policies and procedures; including the:

  • relatively simple operations of the Company, which currently only undertakes mineral exploration and development activities;
  • cost verses benefit of additional corporate governance requirements or processes;
  • size of the Board;
  • Board’s experience in the resources sector;
  • organisational reporting structure and number of reporting functions, operational divisions and employees;
  • relatively simple financial affairs with limited complexity and quantum;
  • relatively small market capitalisation and economic value of the entity;
  • and direct shareholder feedback.
2023 Annual Report (ESEF)
Appendix 4G and 2023 Corporate Governance Statement.pdf (325 Kb)
Board Charter.pdf (109 Kb)
Code of Conduct.pdf (117 Kb)
Remuneration and Nomination Committee Charter.pdf (115 Kb)
Audit Committee Charter.pdf (105 Kb)
Constitution.pdf (954 Kb)
Notice of Rights of Members.pdf (83 Kb)
A statement on the company's compliance with the corporate governance principals contained in Best Practice for GPW Listed Companies 2021.pdf (67 Kb)
Securities Trading Policy.pdf (210 Kb)
Continuous Disclosure Policy.pdf (154 Kb)
Risk Management Policy.pdf (145 Kb)
Anti-Bribery Policy.pdf (112 Kb)
Whistleblower Policy.pdf (118 Kb)
Social Media Policy.pdf (148 Kb)